Product Detail

Product: TC Pump
Price: €2857.43
Model: TCVAD
Manufacturer: MDX
Product Description

MDX TC peristaltic pump is one of most comfortable pumps with very easy tube change. TC is microprocessor controlled, user-friendly and long-lasting and is as follows available:  

As TC standard model with one channel, 106 mm head, 3 rollers, easy dismountable around 90o rotatable head, 2-line LCD matrix display and 6 up to 2000 ml/min flow rates. 

As TC with 2 channels, 12 up to 4000 ml/min flow rates. 

Optional with Timer und Trigger function and external analog/digital control via RS232 

Optional with 6 or 8 rollers, stainless steel housing and foot switch. 

MDX Biotech peristaltic pumps are multifunctional for the use in laboratories of analytic, medicine, biotechnology, food and pharmaceutical industry.        

The price above is only for a standard module. For more information about TCE/TCEAD/TCVAD for varied aims, please contact us

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