Product Detail

Product: HP Pumps
Price: €2228.70
Model: HP/10VAD
Manufacturer: MDX
Product Description

HP tube pump is one of the most comfortable small tube pumps with only 550 g weight. HP is microprocessor controlled, user-friendly and can be used for sensitive tests in micro litre section. HP peristaltic pump has a choice of two firm speeds with an easy dismountable, around 90o rotatable pump-head, 6 rollers, 1 channel and is as follows available:

As HP/42/10, pump head diameter 42 mm, 10 rpm and flow rates 0.05 µl up to 3.3 ml/min.

As HP/42/90, pump head diameter 42 mm, 90 rpm and flow rates 0.005 up to 27 ml/min.

With 2-line LCD Matrix display.

Optional with Timer und Trigger function, external analog/digital control via RS232 and foot switch.

MDX Biotech peristaltic pumps are multifunctional for all application of analytic, medicine pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.   

The price above is only for a standard module. For more information about HP series for varied aims, please contact us

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