Product Detail

Product: F6-3L
Price: €1614.00
Model: F6-3L
Manufacturer: Shenchen
Product Description


1.Suitable for large flow rate, high efficiency, high precision filling. 

2.Servo motor drive,  accurate control,  strong driving force. 

3.304 stainless steel drive housing can support the filling line. 

4.New flow rate mode, can be used for continuous transferring.

Technical  Specifications

Flow rate range

F6-3L: 2.11~3600 mL/min

F6-6L: 3.0~6000 mL/min

F6-12L: 0.0069~12 L/min

Control method

Touch screen and Mechanical keypad

Keypad lifetime

300,000 times

Speed range

1-600 rpm

Start/stop,direction signal

Passive switch signal, such as foot pedal switch

Active switch signal: 5V, 12V and 24V for option

Speed resolution

0.01 rpm

Output interface

Output motor working status

(Open-Collector output)

Dispensing volume range

0.1-9999.99 mL

Communication    interface

RS232, RS485 support

Modbus protocol(RTU mode)

Dispensing volume resolution


Power supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz (standard)

AC 110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz (optional)

Dispensing time

0.1-9999.99 s

Pause time

0.1-9999.99 s

Drive dimension

F6-3L: 223×152×200mm

F6-6L: 283×192×218mm

F6-12L: 302×222×275mm

Time resolution


Copy numbers

1-9999  times,

setting '0' means    unlimited

Back suction angle


Drive weight

F6-3L: 5.02kg; F6-6L: 7.85kg; F6-12L: 13.14kg

Outlet pressure

0.3 Mpa

Power consumption

F6-3L:<80W ; F6-6L:<180W   ; F6-12L:<300W

Dispensing accuracy


Environment temperature


Motor type

Servo motor

Relative humidity



Industrial grade 4.3" color LCD display

IP rate


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