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Product: Multiferm
Price: €60000.00
Model: Fixed Bed
Manufacturer: MDX
Product Description

A new multiple cell culture bioreactor for medical and scientific   pretesting and tests


"MultiFerm"   is an automated and easy-to-use 12-fold fixed-bed fermenter system of the   parallel cultivation of sensitive animal, human and other shear sensitive   cells which are without stable cell wall. The system is used in the   production of monoclonal antibodies, cultivation of adherent and recombinant   cells and in the cell-physiological studies of tissue cells as example tumour   cells, primary cells, stem cells, liver and kidney cells. The fixed-bed system   is equipped with the necessary measurement and control facilities, probes and   sensors, peristaltic pumps, gas supply, control program and computer for   saving, evaluation and transfer of the data to other computers. The system   consists of an outer 1.5 l media conditioning vessel and 12 inner fixed bed   reactors which are made of Duran glass and are fitted in the middle of the   media conditioning vessel. The conditioning vessel is made of Duran glass   also. This makes it possible to watch, to check and to control the   development of the cell cultivation. The lid, the in and out leads are made   of insensitive PEEK material to protect the sensitive cells from damages by   free metal ions by the usual metal lids. The fixed-bed material consists of   highly porous glass sinter pearls or other suitable carrier materials and is   inside the fixed-bed reactors. The cells are transferred to the surface of   the carrier material in the fixed-bed reactors and grow and increase on,   around and between the carrier materials and can be used for further tests   and examinations.


·        Depending   on cell-types and growth conditions "MultiFerm" is best suited for   the parallel cultivation of the same or different cell lines which grow under   the same or almost the same growth-conditions.

·        The fermenter   system is excellently suited for pre-testing and testing of medicine,   biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Total volume

1.5 Litre

Working volume

12 x 10 ml   fixed-bed reactors

Working principle




Temperature ranges

5 – 60o   C

pH ranges

3 - 10


for circulation   of media and continuous cell cultivation

Flow rates

12 x 0.15 – 3   ml/min


directly via   heating stick


Batch, Fed-Batch,   continuous

pH regulation

Acid, alkali or   CO2

Gas-additions (outer vessel)

Air, O2,   N2, CO2

Gas humidification


Waste gas condenser


Sampling system


Diving pipes


Electrodes and cables



on request

Process control system


PC interface


Data acquisition


Data saving


Data transfer to other computers


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